Prague Quadrennial 2019

The world exhibition of scenography and performance design is taking place this year between the 6th and 16th June 2019. The Prague Quadrennial, brought to life by the International Organization of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, has been organized since 1967. The Hungarian theatre profession has been present in the exhibition every year since its founding, and following the tradition, the main curator of the exhibition this time too, is the Hungarian Theatre Museum and Institute of the Petőfi Literary Museum.  
The rich programme of PQ includes several events and exhibitions. The central exhibition is the Countries and Regions which is similar to the contemporary art fairs in the sense that every participating country makes an installation or pavilion that represents the most important tendencies of their theatre scene. There is a contest between the installations and a jury decides who receives the Golden Triga Award. The Hungarian Pavilion won the Best Curatorial Concept award in 2011 with the project called Missing. This year the main call words of the exhibition were also inspired by the Golden Triga: imagination, transformation and memory, representing the three main phases of the process of artistic creation. The three notions can be adapted to the three most important exhibitions of the Quadrennial too: imagination connects with the Student Section, transformation relates to Countries and Regions, and memory to the exhibition of Fragments. Numerous additional events, professional programs, talks and festivals are taking place in the framework of Prague Quadrennial. Especially interesting is the Site-Specific Performance Festival in which Hungarian Artists are also represented.   

Countries and regions exhibition

“TRANSFORMATION of inspiration and ideas into the final solutions is at the core of the creative process and will be dedicated to the Exhibition of Countries and Regions. In this section we will strive to inspire by looking for the best examples of outstanding collaborative
performance design and architecture, where experience and deep understanding  played a major role in its successful realization.” /The PQ’s Main Organizers/

Student exhibition

“Imagination represents the phase where the work is raw, visceral, and untamed. The Student Exhibition dedicated to works of students and young designers up to 5 years after school should reflect the thoughts of the emerging generation and let us see the brave and wild utopias that might never be realized, but are fascinating and tell a story about the world we are part of here and now.” /The PQ’s Main Organizers/ 

Fragments exhibition and special program

"Memory will celebrate the phase in the creative process where all learning, gained experiences and memories merged and crystallized into a strong life philosophy. The project Fragments asks each country or region to celebrate the individual artist by sharing samples of work representative of performance design.” /The PQ’s Main Organizers/

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Other Hungarian Programs

Besides the installations of the exhibitions, Prague Quadrennial includes a site-specific performance festival and other accompanying programs in which Hungarian artists are also represented.

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